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JUNE 12:HOW MKO Abiola become symbol of democracy In Nigeria:

June 12 Presidential elections 1993 election is the first after the 1983 military coup in Nigeria.

June 12 election involved two parties, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the National Republican Convention (NRC). Nigeria was running Bi_party (means two) at that time.

Moshood Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) run for the  Social Democratic Party (SDP), while Bashir Tofa run for National Republican Convention (NRC).

International and local observers declares June 12 1993 election as the best of all election done in Nigeria before then, But it  was a lie. An events  happened that made it lie, its an event that will always have part in the Nigeria history and make it a very special and painful day for many NIgerians.

What Happened On June 12 1993?

On June 12 1993, MKO run for the seat of the president under SDP while his opponent Bashir Tofa run under NRC. MKO running mate was Baba Gana Kingibe why Tofa own was Sylvester Ugoh.

Even though international and local observers declared that the  election was the best among all. the military Head of State Ibrahim Babangida  cancelled the election over the allegation of vote rigging.

The cancellation of the  election caused Babangida to step down on August 27, 1993. Ernest Shonekan, MKO townsman from Ogun state became the man in power.

On June 11 1994, Abiola declared himself President of Nigeria at Lagos, south west of the country. After his  declaration,He was  accused of treason and under the command of General Sani Abacha,He was arrested  on June 23, 1994..

Abiola was detained for four years, He died on July 7, 1998, the day he was supposed to be released from detention.


Abiola was a businessman, publisher and politician and he emerged  from Ogun State South West of Nigeria.

He is rich and gain popularity through various enterprises, that include communication, oil and gas.

MKO was the first person to run for  presidency in 1983 when a military coup d’etat overthrown the second republic sitting, President Shehu Shagari, to installed Muhammadu Buhari as military leader and the election did not hold.

June 12 – Nigeria democracy day

Today, June 12 is Nigeria Democracy day.

This year  mark the fourth year the  country will  celebrate democracy day on June 12 since president Muhammadu Buhari change the date on 2018 from May 29.“In order” To remember

The winner of the  democratic election, late Chief Moshood Kashimawo MKO Abiola with his  running mate, Baba Gana Kingibe.

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Before now, the  South Western states of Nigeria  always mark the day as ‘Abiola day’ to remind themselves of how the military deny the region – (since MKO was from South West) A free and fair election for 1993.“So therefore”

Abiola died during the struggle to restore democracy for Nigeria and this was  why President Buhari decide to change democracy day to June 12

The people of the SW region hailed this  move, say Buhari did  well to recognise MKO Abiola struggle and the  significance of the election to  the peolpe.

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