Best Time To Read For Examination – 2021

Best Time To Read For Examination – 2021 | The best time to read for examination varies in an individual because everyone has a time when reading is effective, while some people enjoy reading during the early hours of the day, some prefer to read during the night time. The science of good timing (Chronobiology) can not be overlooked as it deals with understanding the time that is good for any activities.

Best Time To Read For Examination - 2021

In discovering the best time to read, knowing what works for you as an individual is very important, which is the basis for this article.


This article will provide you with the information you need to know on the best time to suit your reading for any examination.

The best time to read should be a function of Alertness, Distractions and Consistency. With these 3 words, you will achieve the following, which can also serve as a guide for choosing the best reading time for yourself.

  • To read becomes effective when the body system is alert
  • Consistency improves the quality of what you do, the reason you should stay with the time that you will be consistent for reading.
  • It is easy to memorise with less or no distractions.

So, if you want to choose a time that will be best for you to read, check out for alertness, consistency and distractions.

  • Do not choose a time that your system will not be alert because it will make your reading less effective
  • Do not choose a time that you won’t be consistent with
  • Do not read where you can get distracted easily

Many people tend to be more alert during the early hours of the day; this is because the brain can absorb enough information after a good sleep, and also the sight of the natural light is good for the eyes, which keeps the system more alert to read. The exception to this is that, without good sleep through the night, this may affect the rate at which the body will be alert.

Some people as well prefer to read in the evening time because they believe this time of the day to be cool with fewer distractions, while some are easily distracted during the evening time.

Everyone has a unique study technique that is peculiar to them based on their body system; this is also applied to the best time to read for any examination. You also have a time when reading is the best option. Try to find out your own with the following information.

  1. Reading time from 4 am to 7 am (Early hours of the day): To read at this hour of the day can be favourable to some and also unfavourable to some. You have to consider the following;
  • Cool-weather
  • Calm atmosphere
  • Alertness
  • Less or no distraction

The above makes it favourable for some people but unfavourable to others if there is no enough rest during the night as this will affect the level of assimilation.

  1. Reading time from 10 am-2 pm: At this time, the brain is active and receptive. Though there may be distractions, as well as there could also be a chance to call on your friend or teacher’s help on any difficult aspect.
  2. Reading time from 6 pm to 9 pm: Some people find it best to read at this time of the day because of the quietness and calmness as the hot sun of the day has already gone. But for some, it is a wrong timing due to the daily stress they passed through; reading at this time won’t be effective. For this set of people, it is advised that they take time to rest before they read so as to make the reading effective and easy to memorise what they read.

Some people are day readers, while others prefer the night time to read. Reading during the day helps the brain be refreshed and can accommodate enough information with ease; the sleeping schedule is not disturbed because there would be time to sleep, and the body alertness makes it easy to recall what is being read.

Reading at night helps the mind think in a creative way because there would be less distraction, a quiet atmosphere, and sleep after a study helps the brain to recall.

The best time to read for any examination depends on YOU because there is no fixed time unless you patiently take your time to find out which of this time is the best for you. The time which you will consistently stick with, be alert and also have less or no distractions.

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Thanks for reading!

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